Are You the One? Part Time Job Opportunity in Santa Clarita

Are You the One? Part Time Job Opportunity in Santa Clarita


The Coworking Community Manager is directly responsible for executing and administering the daily operations of the coworking space, member programing and events as directed by the Owner, thus ensuring that the members are happy, productive and thriving. The CCM reports directly to the Owner.

Following is a list of all duties and responsibilities that the CCM does on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to fulfill their purpose.

Community Management:

  • Model trust and collaboration as a key value of the community
  • Continuously foster a culture of openness and accessibility
  • Always put members first, and be eagerly responsive to their needs
  • Encourage members to develop relationships with each other through programming, seating arrangements and active introductions
  • Encourage members to take ownership of the space by encouraging problem solving in a collaborative format
  • Get to know each member, what they are working on, what their personal interests are and their goals for being in the coworking space
  • Collaborate with Owner to act as connector, introducing members to other members, small businesses to local resources, and follow-up with care and understanding
  • Collaborate with Owner to act as an ambassador of the space and identify and nurture community ambassadors amongst the members
  • Organize, plan and execute member programming and events
  • Follow all customer service and member relations programs and policies as directed by and in collaboration with Owner to ensure that each member has the best experience possible
  • Use excellent communication skills to de-escalate any conflicts which may arise between members or staff and members
  • Use excellent customer service skills to deliver prompt and thoughtful responses and solutions to member problems through verbal or written communication


  • Interact with vendors and subcontractors in a thorough and professional manner as directed by and in collaboration with the Owner
  • Create and book food truck or catering vendors for each business day, and call to confirm the day prior
  • Identify speakers to address community suggestions and needs
  • Work with sponsors and hosts to plan events
  • Supervise set up of special space arrangements (classroom style, theater style, mixer, etc.)

Sponsors/Partners/External Community:

  • Collaborate with Owner to build relationships with sponsors, bringing them into the community through happy hours, office hours and various other channels
  • Collaborate with Owner to support development of partnerships with local businesses, allowing for member discounts to gyms, dry cleaners, bars and eateries
  • Collaborate with Owner to support the creation and fostering of relationships with other coworking spaces, business leaders, city government and resources which will allow beneficial connections to be made between them and the the coworking space members


  • Maintain member records within the member management or CRM, ensuring the information is accurate and up to date
  • Maintain customer payment and billing accounts, ensuring they are up-to-date and accurate at all times
  • Perform monthly audits to ensure member records and billing information are accurate and up-to-date
  • Administer office waiting list, keeping it up to date
  • Work closely with Owner to ensure that all revenue line items are growing, that business is growing and that products are evolving to meet the existing and emerging needs of members
  • Administer bookings of event and meeting room rentals
  • Work with Owner to develop and execute operational systems and procedures and continually identify and implement new ways for the coworking space to become more efficient
  • Capture emails from ‘tourees,’ event attendees and anyone who contacts the coworking space through the website
  • Maintain (Mailchimp) mailing lists including interest lists (emails captured from interested parties as well as alumni members) and active member lists. Ensure these are up-to-date and captured emails are entered immediately
  • Maintain Mailchimp templates
  • Maintain sales leads in CRM, following up after initial contact
  • Procure all office, bathroom and kitchen supplies
  • Perform regular (weekly, semi-monthly) inventory of all office, bathroom and kitchen supplies
  • Process and deliver all mail, ensuring that mail is handled according to the postmaster standards as set forth in the mail handling guidelines
  • Ensure all members are fully onboarded within 24 hours of joining, added to all systems (data, printer and wifi), given a “member tour” of the space and taught about member procedures and community expectations
  • Administer event marketing and promotion channels (ie: Eventbrite, Google Calendar, Flyers and Posters, Email campaigns)


  • Grow and maintain membership base in collaboration with the Owner
  • Act as brand ambassador, understanding the the coworking space brand differentiator in the marketplace and the unique value proposition and convey this to all guests, members, partners and sponsors
  • Maintain listing and marketing sites to ensure that the coworking space is properly represented at all times
  • Execute on marketing and media campaigns in collaboration with and as directed by the Owner
  • Keep the coworking space’s brand presence updated on social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Collaborate with Owner to execute on monthly newsletters to interest list, alumni and active members
  • Provide tours to interested candidates on a daily basis, follow up with them after initial tour as directed by and in collaboration with the Owner
  • Execute on promotion of all internal member programming and external events held in the space


  • Maintain facilities at all times to the standards set forth by the Owner, including the cleanliness, furniture, wireless network appliances, bathrooms, kitchen, conference rooms and elevator
  • Troubleshoot minor issues with appliances, wireless networks, elevator and security systems, and interact with vendors for more complicated issues.
  • Keep Owner updated as to facilities and equipment issues, resolutions and any follow up required by Owner
  • Perform hourly facilities checks throughout the day to ensure tables are clean, chairs in order, internet is sound with ample bandwidth and conference rooms are always clean for new arrivals
  • Maintain kitchen and bathrooms, ensuring they are well stocked, keep dishes done, coffee made and bathrooms in good condition
  • Coordinate with facilities maintenance crew to ensure the facilities are kept clean and the bathrooms are in working order
  • In collaboration with the Owner ensure that the space design is current and meets the needs of the members, rearrange space as needed to meet the needs of the members.


  • Duties and projects as assigned
  • Adheres to all established policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Follows all health and safety regulations

To apply, please send your resume and a statement about why you are a great fit for this role to [email protected]