You May Be Wondering, Why Santa Clarita?

You May Be Wondering, Why Santa Clarita?

If not why Santa Clarita, then where is Santa Clarita? If you visited Santa Clarita in a while, or haven't even heard about it, you are in for a big surprise.

Santa Clarita is not just the backdrop for scores of Western movies, or the cradle of discovery and innovation for the commercial oil, railroad and gold industries. And Santa Clarita isn't just a suburb north of LA, a bedroom community for the Hollywood Studios, or "the Valley past the Valley". (Yes, just keep driving up the I-5. Turn right at Magic Mountain. You can't miss us.)

Santa Clarita can't be dismissed that easily. It is simply inspiring, and is possibly the best kept secret in Southern California. Santa Clarita is a city of creators, students, inventors, makers, sellers, status quo challengers and history shapers. Our neighbors produce, film and animate blockbuster movies, reinvent education, explore Mars, compete as world class athletes, and create medical device miracles that transform millions of lives.

Incorporated as a city in 1987, Santa Clarita has grown rapidly into the third largest city in Los Angeles County and one of the largest retail markets in California. While we celebrates over a century of rich history, Santa Clarita retains the best qualities of a small city - it is beautiful, safe, affordable, clean, family-friendly, well-planned, convenient and easily accessible to Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Diego, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, the Bay Area, the beach, mountains and more.

So why haven't heard about Santa Clarita before? Some of us like to keep all this awesomeness on the down low. ;-)
If you appreciate affordable homes, less traffic, great schools, tons of recreation, beautiful weather, breathtaking scenery and a short train, car or UBER ride to LA, the mountains or the beach, then you will love Santa Clarita too.

Santa Clarita is So Smart, We Should Call It STEAM CITY
There is another major reason that people move here and never leave - our incredible schools. Santa Clarita is well known for top ranked public, charter, private schools, an innovative, rapidly growing community college and top universities. All of our schools share a commitment to preparing students for 21st century careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math). When our high school students attend top universities all over the country, they come back home to Santa Clarita. We have a talent pipeline that is pure potential.

Our local businesses and many of our residents are pioneers in all STEAM disciplines, accelerating progress in a variety of fields, including:

• advanced manufacturing in aerospace, medtech, special effects and 3D printing

• groundbreaking software companies that are pushing the boundaries of digital media, advertising, sports, education and banking

• outstanding art, animation, gaming, film and TV production studios

• hospitality firsts like the world's first VR roller coaster and modern cruise amenities

Large businesses like Sunkist, Logix and Disney are moving major operations to Santa Clarita every year because of its favorable business climate and great quality of life. Santa Clarita is one of the last spots in Los Angeles County with room for growth. Many new homes and commercial properties are in the planning or development stages.

It's Not Just the Place, It's the People
_Our dream is that every entrepreneur and team with a dream finds the connections, resources and environment they need to grow and thrive right here in Santa Clarita._

More importantly, what's your dream? We'd love to welcome you to STEAMWORK Center, and help you achieve that dream.

If you are looking to start, grow, mentor or invest in a company in any STEAM discipline, or find a job, internship, apprenticeship in an ideal and supportive community, you belong here in Santa Clarita. This is the type of place where you can build both a solid career and a fulfilling life.

There are already so many talented students, professionals, entrepreneurs and successful businesses growing here in Santa Clarita. Every day, we are joined by new talent, new ideas, and new partnerships that build on this solid foundation.

Curious? Join Us for a Meeting, an Event, or a Weekend
We'd love to introduce you to just some of the fascinating people who make Santa Clarita a great place to live and work. While you are visiting us at STEAMWORK Center, just peek out our windows. We bet you'll be tempted to ride a world famous roller coaster, check out the top drama filming on set across the street, hike one of our majestic peaks, or ride a bike through miles and miles of pristine trails.

You are always welcome in Santa Clarita!

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